Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jarcade Lite Version

emuasylum.com seems to be down frequently.
you can try to download the rom set from here.


This is an archive of Mame 0.37b5 rom set so, there are many rom files that won't be compatible.


Jarcade Lite version is available on market.

It support 3 games you can try out.

IMPORTANT: please use your PC to download and copy them into the phone SD card.

1943 - download
Circus Charlie - download
Moon Patrol - download

Please read "Instruction & Tip" first.
And also check out YouTube video of full version game play at here


  1. Tried it on my Motorola Droid, downloaded the three trial ROMS directly from your site's link, and tried to load them, but get a black screen on all three. What's the deal?

  2. Please use PC to download them and copy to your sdcard.

  3. OK, thanks for the tip, got the roms working, but why doesn't the d-pad work?

  4. Hello, whay doesn't the D-PAD work?

  5. Jrioni, I know you're pretty busy with real life. Glad I purchased this emu as well, its fantastic. Please consider adding per game controls. Also I was able to fix many of my games that weren't working, was using the wrong rom set.

  6. any updates coming? A few of my favorite games weren't supported in that mame release apparently, like D&D shadow over mystara. Also, adding per game control customization is a must :)

  7. @Kamui D&D mystara ROM should work on Jrioni's CPS2HD emulator, check CPS2 on Wiki for game list its there.

  8. jrioni please update the lite version with a bit more ROM support, I need to test more games b4 buying, thanks! [playing on 800mhz Milestone]

  9. anonymous, it does work, however, without per game controls, the default button arrangement is pretty unplayable.

  10. jrioni, I see a new version was just released, whats new? I unfortunately can't download it being on froyo without using the market fix...

  11. Hello!
    I was wondering if you have been able to make some of these Roms work:
    Time Soldiers
    Golden Axe
    Forgotten Worlds

    So far I am not having much luck with those but I was pleasently surprised by Outrun, Shinobi, Alien Syndrome etc!

  12. try getting the game virtual on to work i used to love playing that at the arcades

  13. Any updates on this an Gingerbread please?

  14. No longer working after upgrading to gingerbread.
    Will there be a fix?

  15. I also have problems running the emulator on android 2.3.4. I hope the autor fix this issue soon.

  16. I have xperia play and when i try loading a rom ... ROM ERROR ???