Wednesday, August 31, 2011

v.3.1.0 & 3.1.2 update


* fix start-up issue on some games (eg. solomon)

* add touch button 5 & 6
-if you have previously moved touch buttons, you might see buttons are being overlapped. You can either reset it and hold down to move it to a desired position.
-if you don't need any of button, down size it to minimal or put it outside (or edge) of screen.

* Cabinet Menu
-open rom file and during game play, you can select "Add Cabinet" option under menu.
-it will basically capture the current game screen and save it as *.jpeg file in the same directory.
-from main screen, select "My Cabinet" which will search for all jpeg files and display it with file name.
-long press to delete the link (jpeg) file.
-it supports a different display size.

* add "Reset Game" option under menu
* Games such as Defender/Joust that displays factory setting requires a manual reset. Please wait until the last screen and select "Reset Game" to restart.

Monday, August 22, 2011

V3.0.0 Update


* This version supports CPS1, NEOGEO and .37 MAME rom set.

* The older .34/35 MAME rom set might not work properly, so please refresh your rom files.

* For an individual file, you can visit here.

* Or, for the entire compilation, you can download them here.

* Please note that for NEOGEO game, you need to place neogeo bios file ( under the same directory.

* NEW MENU Change
1. You can resize the game screen and position it to anywhere on the screen.
2. You can resize and position the UI control icons to anywhere on the screen.
* Drag/Drop = Press & Hold the icon and move around the screen.
* Resize = Press & Hold the icon and pinch to zoom in/out.
3. You can overlap two (or more) UI control icons to perform an one-touch multi-buttons.