Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jarcade Lite Version

emuasylum.com seems to be down frequently.
you can try to download the rom set from here.


This is an archive of Mame 0.37b5 rom set so, there are many rom files that won't be compatible.


Jarcade Lite version is available on market.

It support 3 games you can try out.

IMPORTANT: please use your PC to download and copy them into the phone SD card.

1943 - download
Circus Charlie - download
Moon Patrol - download

Please read "Instruction & Tip" first.
And also check out YouTube video of full version game play at here

Instruction & Tip

IMPORTANT: please use your PC to download and copy them into the phone SD card.

1. Save rom files (*.zip format) in any directory.
2. Load rom file to play.

If you're using touch keypad...

* If you press the area right above or left to 1 or 2 button will trigger 1+2 button.

* For shooting game, enable auto fire from menu and press the button for ~1 second and release.
This will trigger the auto fire until you press that button again.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Q&A - Please post your question here!

HowTo Activate!

Step 1. Email User Key
It will prompt to enter your full name.
You must enter your FULL REAL name matches Google/PayPal Account.

Then, it will generate a unique key and automatically brings up a message option.
Please use gmail and click to send the auto email.

IMPORTANT: This is an automated process, please do NOT modify the auto email.

Step 2. Entering Passcode
You'll be receiving an email containing your passcode.
Please enter this code and the activation window should disappear.

This is one time only and not required for future updates.

Note: Passcode won't be valid if you uninstall/reinstall Jarcade.
In which case, you basically have to repeat from Step 1.

Jarcade on YouTube